The Man

In response to today’s Daily Prompt:  Cling


In the blink of an eye, those days vanished.  Days when you would cling to me; hold my hand, sit upon my knee, fall asleep in my arms. You needed my time… time that was never precious, it was your time; time willingly given.

I cling to those memories, a million diamonds shining in my heart, my head.

And now the time is coming, to let go and look towards a future where I watch, a proud spectator, as the world becomes your oyster. I will watch as the man steps out into the unknown, and if you fall, I will be there, for you to cling to.

I will always be there for the man… the man who will always be my boy.



Precious Marble Days

Dark days.

Black granite days, marbled with tiny flecks.

Flashes of precious light.

Light in a velvet smooth darkness.

Innumerable days.

But days eclipsed,

by light days.

The flecks blanching the black.

Turning granite days into

White marble days.

Blinding, shimmering.

Precious days of light.

And for a few turns of the hand,

Granite hardly existed.

Only as threads of grey,

In fleeting,

pure alabaster marble moments.

Flashes that will stay,

To ignite the soul when

Granite days return.