What’s in a name?

Why… Don’t Touch The Pen?

In the age of the keyboard and touchscreen, we hardly need to touch a pen?  The world is at our fingertips. Reaching  out to people at the touch of a button, the swipe of a finger or a tap.

So actually there is no need to touch the pen, a pen. Why did I not call my site… No Need For The Pen or The Keyboard Over The Pen.

For me those just don’t work.  That statement is important. My site name has meaning and I mean it… trust me I’m serious folks – DON’T TOUCH THE PEN!

Sorry I didn’t mean to make you jump!

Although you may back away, when you read on… okay how do I put this without sounding unhinged?

I will no doubt write in the future about my love of a certain band.  My obsession with that band. But that’s for another time.

Back in February 2013, 19th February 2013 to be exact; I was in a state of euphoria at being one of the privileged few to attend the London premiere of a documentary made by the front man of that band. The premiere being followed by a Q&A with the man himself. MY HERO!  I was a nervous wreck. He was so close. Right there in front of me. I was shaking. 

Anyway, before leaving, and with crossed fingers, I popped photograph into my bag, one I’d taken of him at a gig a couple of years before and a Sharpie I found in the drawer.  Just in case…

…And just in case happened. Somehow I managed to get a scribbled autograph, on that photo, with THAT pen, just as security dragged him away and out of the door.  I was lucky, very lucky… we also wish we’d been rude and gone to the loo during the film… but I can’t go into that misery… lets just say we were too polite to leave the showing despite needing to pee and it’s one of the biggest regrets of our lives!

So there I was. I had an autograph. I’d touched his hand (I was tempted never to wash it again… but I had to be practical). However, I had a pen HE had touched.  What was I to do? I had to treat it with reverence… I mean there’s DNA on it!  I could clone myself my own hero!

Only one thing to do… go home put it in a snappy bag and seal the bag and put it safely away.

So in a drawer, no I’m not telling you which one, I have a Sharpie pen in a snappy bag. No one is allowed to touch the pen. Not even me. I get the bag out sometimes and look at it. I sigh, then put it back in the drawer safely.

And that is my inspiration for my site name.  It has meaning and works.

Yes, I am slightly bonkers, but in a cute way… that’s also why I’m known as the Crazy Pen Lady… maybe I should change my blogging name too?





Author: neleni63

A fifty something pondering stuff...

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